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...a missional media ministry.

Where's My Music?
Miracle Hit Radio is taking a new direction in radio ministry.  Instead of using radio content to tell others about Jesus; we are now using content to connect with people who live in our community.  Telling them about Jesus will happen in person, face to face as we do life together.

I know that's not the usual way; but the standard approach isn't working.  All we're doing is making believers feel good without reaching the people who need the Gospel.  Don't get me wrong; we do care about our brothers and sisters in Christ, but the Gospel is for the lost not the found.

We want to be effective at leading a new generation to Jesus.  That means we need to leave our comfort zone.  Get out of our little Christian bubble and live with those who haven't been reconciled to God yet.

To do that that within the cultural context of our little rural community in central Maine we've decided to go country.  Not just any country; but traditional twangy country.  Add to that a whole lot of local information and we hope to be a vital member of our community.  Pray that we have many opportunities to show God's love and talk about Jesus.